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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2001

My Career

I am a database consultant working on short-term contracts. My specialty is database analysis, design, and programming. I have been working exclusively with Sybase databases since 1989. If it can be done, I've probably done it. If you need some consulting work done you can view my resume here. Send mail to and I'll be glad to let you know my availability.

My Photography

I am an amateur photographer. I am involved with several camera club and have submitted to photo competitions. My photographic subjects range from landscapes to sports to portraits to fashion. I am attempting to turn my hobby into a business by showing my work in a Gallery in Montgomery, AL. Please take some time to visit the Paul Auen Photography website. If you have a special project in mind you can email me at and I'll be happy to discuss it.

My Duelmaster Page

Duelmasters is a fantasy roll playing game. The game is played through the mail and people around the world participate. I have been playing the game off-and-on since 1985. I have never become an expert at the game but I have enjoyed playing (and that is the important part). I have compiled many statistics on the game and provided a website to assist other players with the game. You can see more details at:
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