Paul Auen


Summary of Qualifications

As a past database contract with a strong desire to return to the database development field, my 12+ years of experience brings a strong knowledge of Relational Database issues. I have undertaken many tasks during my contract positions. I have performed logical and physical modeling, database development, tuning and performance, and written hundreds of stored procedures and triggers. I have written programs in C, c-shell, perl, awk and many other UNIX utilities to perform data manipulation, configuration management, and other tasks essential to a project's success. I have also been in technical lead and project management positions that allowed me to define coding standards, review designs and code, and lead other engineers through the application development cycle. I have also performed such diverse asks as technical writer, web site development, and financial bookkeeping.

Skill Summary



I am a highly motivated person looking for a challenging database position on a project that requires creative thinking and good problem solving skills. My qualifications will fill any database related position that calls for a person whom can work either independently or in a group. My technical skills and my get-it-done attitude will provide both timely and accurate results.

Work Experience

Oct. 2002 - Present Integrated Magnetic Imaging Montgomery, AL - Full Time
PC, Access, QuickBooks, MS Excel Financial Administrator and bookkeeper for a growing medical outpatient facility. Responsible for accounts payable, financial records, payroll, deposits, and interaction with banks, accountants, attorneys, and other businesses as necessary.
Dec. 2001 -- Sept. 2002 Personal time between contracts.
Oct. 2000 - Nov. 2001 CALLIXA Corp. Telecommute & Travel - Consultant
UNIX, SYBASE, ORACLE, DATA INTEGRATION, DATA MODELING Customer Service Consultant responsible for assisting in the data modeling and data integration efforts of major clients. Activities included reverse engineering of existing data sources, defining integrated logical models, mapping data transformations, and implementing final data model.
Feb. 2000 -- Oct. 2000 SCUDDER KEMPER Inv. Salem, NH - Contractor
PC, UNIX, SYBASE, C-SHELL Project Management position responsible for the continued maintenance and monitoring of the daily production environment. Activities included maintaining existing application code, debugging occasional failures, monitoring nightly and hourly processes, and reporting database activity to upper management. Additional tasks included database administration, source code control, and production upgrades and installations.
Dec. 1999 -- Feb. 2000 LOCKHEED MARTIN Corp., Manassas, VA - Contractor
PC, UNIX, SYBASE, MS WORD Database technical lead responsible for the analysis and redesign of several external interface data feeds into a large integrated database. This activity involved the analysis of existing stored procedure code and the mapping into a new Logical Database Design.
July 1999 -- Nov. 1999 WELLSPRING RESOURCES Jacksonville, FL - Contractor
PC, UNIX, SYBASE, PERL Database contractor responsible for the development of database related applications including database reporting scripts and a server-to-server data transfer utility. This activity included communications with database designers, client application designers, and system testers.
July 1998 -- June 1999 LOCKHEED MARTIN Corp., Manassas, VA - Contractor
UNIX, SYBASE, SCCS, EXCEL, POWERPOINT  Database contractor responsible for the analysis, redesign, and coding of major system deficiencies in a large integrated database. This database activity involved analyzing the interaction between several external data feeds and the database as well as the interaction between the database and an Internet client.
Jan. 1998 -- June 1998 MILLENNIUM PHARMACEUTICALS, Inc., Cambridge, MA - Contractor
UNIX, PC, SYBASE, ERWIN Database modeler responsible for the design of the logical data structures and redesign of the physical database models for a high profile research analysis system. Database designs included both relational and multi-dimensional models.
Aug. 1997 -- Dec. 1997 DISNEY Corp., Glendale, CA - Contractor
PC, SYBASE, ERWIN, MS WORD Data analyst responsible for the design of the logical and physical database models for a corporate wide planning system. Analyzed data requirements from application requirements and external data sources. Designed database tables, cross database transactions, referential integrity triggers, views, and stored procedures. Documented the entire database design.
Jan. 1996 -- July 1997 LOCKHEED MARTIN Corp., Manassas, VA - Contractor
UNIX, SYBASE, SCCS, PERL, AWK, ERWIN, EXCEL, POWERPOINT  Senior technical lead responsible for the design and implementation of various data interfaces for a large data integration program. Implemented database standards and guidelines for various activities including stored procedure coding, transaction control, SYBASE Replication, user permissions, data integrity, database encapsulation, source file management, and development to production integration. Lead a team of 12 database engineers through the development cycle to produce database load procedures for over 250 transactions coming from 25 different sources.
Dec. 1994 -- Dec. 1995 LAIDLAW ENVIRONMENTAL SVCS, Columbia, SC - Contractor
PC, UNIX, SYBASE, S-DESIGNOR, MS ACCESS, SCCS, SMALLTALK  Primary database engineer responsible for the complete encapsulation of a large enterprise database utilized by a team of application programmers. Implemented SQL stored procedures, views, and triggers to provide fast and efficient database retrieval and storage. Established stored procedure use and performance monitor technique to identify any problem areas. Wrote MS Access Modules for logical model consistency checking, data transfer, and reverse engineering.
Sept. 1994 -- Nov. 1994 ENCOMPASS, Cary, NC - Contractor
PC, VMS, SYBASE, MS ACCESS, DCL Script  Database administrator managing the development, integration, and validation database environments for the development and testing of a major product release. Responsibilities included the management of database structure (tables, indexes, triggers, keys) consistency, data transfer, reference population, and other administration tasks.
Jun. 1994 -- Aug. 1994 UNISYS Corp., Reston, VA - Contractor
UNIX, SYBASE, C, C-SHELL Database engineer actively involved in the database programming, data manufacturing, data population, and application testing effort for a contract proposal demonstration. Created and managed over 100 database stored procedures. Wrote C programs and UNIX shell scripts to manufacture and manipulate sample demonstration data. Provided Smalltalk programmers with database support and application feedback.
Jan 1994 -- May 1994 Personal time between contracts 
May 1993 -- Dec. 1993 UNION CARBIDE Co., Charleston, WV - Contractor
PC, SYBASE, C, OOA Database consultant in the applications technology department involved with the research and development of new technology required to produce quality software solutions. Authored a Relational Database Modeling Guide and a Sybase/Open Client/C course. Performed Object Oriented Analysis (OOA) for several systems scheduled for future development.
Aug. 1991 -- Apr. 1993 GTE, FEDERAL SYSTEM Div., Montgomery, AL - Contractor/Hire
UNIX, VMS, SYBASE, C, X-MOTIF, SCCS  Application and Database programmer working on the design, development, and maintenance of a large distributed database system. Primary responsibility involved the creation of a CASE tool environment to produce both a central data repository structure and development platform for all engineering efforts.
Sept. 1990 -- Jul. 1991 Unrelated jobs.
Jun. 1989 -- Aug. 1990 GREENWICH CAPITAL MARKETS, Greenwich, CT - Hire
UNIX, SQL, RPT, UNIFY, SYBASE, SCCS  Programmer analyst working on the design, development, and maintenance of database reporting applications including a trade confirmation ticketing system and customer trading activity reporting.
Jul. 1988 -- May 1989 SINGER KEARFOTT, Wayne, NJ - Hire
HP, PASCAL  Application programmer assigned to the analysis and redesign of a real-time data collection process resulting in 400% increase to execution speed and the development of a 3-D graphical interface.
Sept. 1987 -- May 1988 WATERVLIET ARSENAL, Watervliet, NY - Intern
AIX, C Intern working on the application program development of the user interface for a hardware control system.


May 1988 Siena College, Loundonville, NY

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science 3.9 (Major) 3.4 (Overall)