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Alabama State Fair - Oct 2003
I upgraded to the professional division this year.  Why?  Just for the fun of it.  I liked the categories and the competition is not quite as abundant, but of a higher calliber.  How did I do?  Well not bad for a first try.  Mt scores were good, but only good enough for 1 (out of 3) honorable mentions.  I'll be ready nect year with more images and hopefully better results.

Alabama State Fair - Oct 2002
I was able to attend the judging for the Alabama State Fair this year.  It was quite an experience and a real eye-opener.  It was amazing to see all of the submitted images, hear the scores, and listen to the few comments from the Judges.  It was also quite nerve racking as my images were first scored then selected for ribbons.

I am happy with the results of 3 of my 4 entries.  I was awarded 1 blue ribbon (1st place) and 2 red ribbons (second place).  One print was also very close to being selected as the Best of Show. Send me an e-mail congratulating me on my continued success with the State Fair competition..
Camera Club - 2002
With the start of a new year in the Capitol City Camera Club, I volunteered to be the chairperson for the Program, Field Trip, and Library committees.  It seems as though I will be having a pretty busy year planning and organizing the club activities.

If you are ever in the Montgomery area on the second Monday of the month, stop in and see what is going on.  You will be treated to the results of member assignments, field trip images, exciting programs, and fun competitions.  Check the club website for upcoming field trips where guests are always encouraged to attend.

Bright Lights - Dec. 2001

My photographic ambition has moved to another new level.  I have purchased some Speedotron lighting equipment and have been getting some great studio images.  I have 4 lights on a 800 W/S Black-line power pack, a light box, and a couple umbrellas.

With this purchase came my first commercial assignment.  I will be taking pictures of the doctors and staff for a local medical imaging company.  The pictures will be used for marketing brochures and possibly on a company web site.  (That reminds me, I should find out if they have a web site!)

Alabama State Fair - Oct. 2001

I am happy to announce my success in the Alabama State Fair Photography Exhibition. I was awarded the Best of Show ribbon for one of my 2 blue ribbon (1st place) entries. I was dissapointed with the showing of my 2 other entries and wish that I had attending the judging to hear the comments on improving the images.

Let me just let everyone know that last year I was awarded the High Point Award after taking 2 blue ribbons (1st place), a white ribbon (3rd place), and an orange ribbon (honorable mention) with the 4 images submitted. Send me an e-mail congratulating me on this years entries.

Living Large - Aug. 2001

I have made the leap into large format photography. I have recently purchased an old Burke & James 5x7 view camera with a 4x5 reducing back. I will be playing with the camera for both architecture and still life projects. Don't expect to see much of this on my web site though since the cost of digital scans of these large negative and transparencies is a little prohibitive.

I still have some equipment and supplies on my wish list including muslin backdrops and some studio lighting. I certainly wouldn't object if you would like to donate some advise, equipment, or monetary funds.

Real Life Commercial Photography - July 2001

I attended this exciting 4 day workshop on the real life world of commercial photography. With Fujifilm and Bogen as the official sponsors of this workshop, I was using some of the best photography equipment on the market. Will Crockett was the instructor for this workshop and he shared his dynamic lighting techniques and real world experiences.

I am happy and honored to mention that I was selected as a member of the Will Crockett All-star team.

Advanced Photography Class - Feb., Mar, Apr. 2001

I took a photography class at Huntington College here in Montgomery, AL. The class is focused on B&W darkroom techniques and alternative processes. For me it is my first endeavor into B&W printing and is quite an exciting experience.

Some of the techniques we are covering include:
sepia and blue toning
solarization and negative prints
Polaroid dye transfers and emulsion lifts
pinhole photography
hand coloring
negative blending and sandwiching

Needless to say, I spent all of my free time in the lab printing new and old negatives that needed a little extra attention.