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My Rates
At this time, I am actively seeking photographic assignments. Below are listed a sampling of the photographic possibilities with ballpark rates you can expect to pay for them.

I'm happy to say that I have progressed passed the stage in my photography career of giving my work away. This means that TFP projects for models are pretty much done. If you have spent any time looking at my images you know that the quality is there.

Be warned that costs are not your usual drugstore costs. All film is processed and handled in professional labs insuring lasting negatives and top-quality prints.

 Hand Coloring Projects

If you haven't seen my gallery of hand-colored images, then you need to look now. I am available to hand-color an artistic image from your negative or mine. Any subject makes a wonderful art image to be framed and hung for all to admire. Images can be custom created based upon your desired subject matter.

Portrait images can be created from negatives in good condition. I am available for local customers wanting portrait images created.

All images will be professionally printed on quality fiber-based paper, toned as needed, hand-colored, and ready for matting and framing.

Rates: Depends upon condition of negative and size of images. Contact me for a quote (range $125 - $500).

 Collaboration Projects

These projects are the closest to TFP that I can afford to get to. These projects consist of the photographer (me) and the model working together to make some experimental images. I am willing to volunteer my time, film, and processing to the project in the hopes of getting a couple outstanding images for my personal portfolio. The only cost to the model would be any prints and enlargements for their personal portfolios or web sites. This is a great opportunity for a new model to get some experience in front of the camera without the great expense of a complete portfolio session.

Some photographers may call this a testing where they will test out a new film, lighting technique, location, or model. In this way the photographer takes all the risk on completely blowing the images without any expense to the models.

If you are a model looking to take advantage of this offer, you will need to sell me on the idea.

Rates: No sitting or processing fees. Proof prints ($2.00 each) and enlargements depend upon size (range $8 - $40 per print).

 Portfolio Projects

When your ready to build your modeling portfolio, you need to have the best prints possible. These projects include shooting professional films and getting the best possible processing and printing. These sessions usually include both color and B&W images and place the needs of the model in the highest priority.

It is important to discuss the needs of the session with the photographer (me) prior to the session so that appropriate locations, clothing, and styling needs can be determined. At this time I do not have a hair-n-makeup person available and if this is needed will also be at the model's expense.

Suggestions: For models building a portflio or wanting pictures to submit to agencies, it is recommended that you work with several photographers to get a broad range of images to choose from.  Try to avoid baggy clothing and select a variety of outfits including sporty, casual, swimsuit, formal, and clubwear.

Rates: No sitting fees. Film and processing fees ($50/roll, color or B&W). Proof prints included with processing fees. Custom portfolio enlargements based upon size (range $8 - $40 per print).

Shoe-string Rates: Same as above but substitute a contact sheet for the proof prints and the price drops to $25/roll color or B&W.

 Commercial Projects

These projects are elaborate and critical in the business world. These would include catalog, advertising, corporate, and other commercial projects. These projects could include the photographing of corporate VIPs, products, buildings, or editorial fashion. The final product of these projects is a series of images suitable for display to a large audience.

Rates: Day rates or images prices negotiated based upon project and usage. Contact me for details.

 Note regarding Model Releases

I require a model release be signed by any and all models that I work with.  The model release protects both the photographer (me) and the model (you).  The basics of the release provide that the model is aware of the images, the photographer holds the copyright to the images, the images can be used for personal uses (portfolios, competitions, etc...) by both the photographer and the model, and the image cannot be used for any commercial purposes (ads, promotions, etc...)  without consent and compensation.

Any models under the age of eighteen (18) must be attended by a parent or legal guardian.  The model release must be signed by both the model and the guardian.

Identification will be required and may be photographed.

 Note regarding film and digital images

My current working equipment will allow me to shoot film formats ranging from 35mm up to 5x7. I am very comfortable working with both negative and slide films depending on the needs of the project. I am not yet shooting any digital cameras and can only personally scan from 35mm negatives and transparencies. Larger format films needs to be scanned professionally and the price per image is about $10. You can do the math if you are absolutely requiring digital images for any project.

Regardless of what you may have heard about digital cameras, film is still better. A professional scan of a good transparency will produce better images than almost any of the current digital cameras currently on the market.